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Risk Free Program

Expensive features, budget price

Online Business Service Providers and Trade Associations can offer Vevo! CatalogMaker to their portal members at NO RISK BASIS (Freeware Version or Try Before You Buy Version). 

Your members / visitors can try software solutions at no risk to them, and if they like the software solutions, can buy online from customized online store for you.

We will provide all newsletter material, product contents for your site, graphics and promotion material. You can track your statistics and account online. We are flexible to structure special campaign (to provide special discounts to your members) as well.

Partner programs
For online marketing, Join our affiliate network with Element 5 or eSellerate (please review affiliate plan and related procedures by visiting the link)

For offline marketing, download trial version from site and co ordinate with our team for building presentation material for target market.

Partner programs
Marketing Partner Program - specially designed for business service providers to catalog business requiring digital cataloging, catalog maker, printed catalog makers
Association Saver Program - highly suitable for trade / business / industry associations to offer group discounts to their respective member base
Authorized Reseller Program - marketing program for software marketing companies for specific territories and/or vertical markets
Joint Development Partner Program - alliance program with technology firms to either expand product & service or to jointly develop / introduce new solutions to market place

Reasons to Join !!
Expensive Features at Budget Price, makes it easier to sell
Risk Free Program with Base Commission of 25% (and enhanced commission for special sales campaigns)
Excellent Service and Support (24*7)
Penetrative market positioning with possibility of bundling of software products (as most of our products are focused at catalog business, exporters and internet driven selling community, the possibility of incremental sales are higher with one program user normally opting for another product)
Excellent Sales Support in terms of promotional material, email campaigns, Try Before You Buy Editions, special prices for sales campaigns

Co Branding Option
Vevosoft offers co branding option for its marketing partners as well. under this plan, we will provide co branded software product with your identity. Write to webmaster at for more details.

Partner Program & Co Branding


We proactively seek partners to help us offer their customers the highest ROI on their IT investments. Building long lasting partners are key to our success. That's why, we've invested generously in our partnering programs�creating opportunities for partners to increase revenue opportunities, lower the cost of doing business, get solutions to market faster, and expand business networks.

Our Partner Programs give you the flexibility to choose the level of engagement with Vevosoft Technologies that best supports your business needs.  Online software marketing entrepreneurs, offline software marketing companies, online shareware portals, web designers, catalog service providers, trade leads portal, business directories, business newsgroups moderators, business service providers (relating to our software prospects) etc can join our affiliate marketing network.

How Does It Works ?
Join Affiliate Network
Join our affiliate network with Element 5 or eSellerate (please review affiliate plan and related procedures by visiting the link)
Sales / Promotional Material
Provide our product contents and download links on your portal. If required,  coordinate with our team for presentation material including banner, graphics, PowerPoint presentation
Download File and Registration Keys
Download trial version from site and co ordinate with our team for building presentation material for offline marketing. (for offline marketing).

If online selling driven affiliate partners wants to host the demo files, they must download trial version file to place them on your server.

If you join eSellerate Affiliate Network, you may obtain download with your affiliate ID integrated in installer.

Prospect can buy online with the sales order link and registration key is issued instantly upon completion of purchase process. (generated for each affiliate For online/offline selling, we provide secured payment gateway, registration serial key and online/offline selling support system. and you can track your statistics and account online. For payment, sales and download tracking, existing affiliate tracking may access their account - Element5 or eSellerate

Sales Commission Disbursement
Sales commission is distributed on monthly basis independently by our digital selling partners.
And that�s it. How easy and transparent is that?

Our affiliate program is very easy to join and work with. Downloads and sales are tracked in absolute transparent manner; Registration key issuance is dealt professionally; Customer support is directly provided by us; and sales commission is directly handled by eSellerate / Element 5 independently. 

Should you have any queries on our affiliate program, please contact webmaster at

Who Must Use CatalogMaker

Whether you are a exporter, show room, sales team, a distributor, or wholesaler, you can enhance the sales lead generation and conversion thereof, through all your sales channels with the Do-It-Yourself Catalog Maker Software- Vevo! CatalogMaker. If your business requires to frequently provide the product details (incl. graphics) of your merchandise to your dealer, distributor, customer or prospect; then also this Sales Enhancement Software, can be of immense use to save resources and convert your sales opportunities to revenue.

Vevo! CatalogMaker (catalog maker, printed catalog creator, digital catalog and digital marketing Software) is an ideal tool for an enterprise to - manage catalog products contents, build interactive & distributable presentations, plan & prepare for customer sale meetings & presentations and  publish printed catalog for effective management of catalog business (e.g. textile catalog, furniture catalog, craft catalog, jewelry catalog, apparel catalog, leather bags catalog, ceramic catalog, home furnishing catalog, fashion catalog, cosmetic catalog, industrial machinery catalog, coins catalog, collectors catalog, antique catalog, handicraft catalog, diamond jewelry catalog, carpet catalog, marbles and granite catalog, stone catalog, lingerie catalog, designer's collection catalog, writing instruments catalog, toys catalog, gifts catalog, health & lifestyle products catalog, kitchen & house wares catalog, stationery catalogs, electronic goods catalog etc).

CatalogMaker is an effective photo album software to create personal photo albums (e.g. birthday album, marriage anniversary album, wedding album, holiday album, personal photo album, graphic album etc), collector's album (coin collection album, stamps collection album, antique collection album, art collection album, fashion collection album, craft album, digital photo collection album etc) and publish them as digitally distributable multimedia CD photo album, exhibition presentation, printed album, electronic album etc.


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