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How to Make Printed Catalog (including PDF Catalog)

Vevo! CatalogMaker facilitates quick preparation of printed catalog. CatalogMaker facilitates building of highly configurable printed catalog through MS Word Catalog. User can build printed catalog by following steps:

  • Build Catalog (entire catalog, customer specific mini catalog, trade show specific catalog, catalog supplements, discount catalog etc)

    How to Build / Manage Presentations (including managing products and presentation features)

    Catalog Design Setting Wizard for MS Word Catalog / Printed Catalog / PDF Catalog

    How to Make Catalog Supplements

    How to Make Discount Catalog

    How to Make Effective Mini Catalog for Specific Customer / Sales Campaign / Trade Show / Sales Network

  • Publish Catalog in MS Word Document

    Catalog making in MS Word can add tremendous power and features to provide tremendous flexibility in catalog making approach. Catalog design settings and theme can be configured at two stages:

    Prior to Publishing Catalog in MS Word

    After Publishing Catalog in MS Word

    Once Catalog making process is done and MS Word document contains Catalog, it can be suitably used for various purposes as well

    • Making Printed Catalog in MS Word document itself

    • Making Printed Catalog in PDF format

    • Using it as digitally distributable catalog for sales campaign, releasing catalog supplement, emailing customer driven mini catalog to customers etc

  • How to Publish Catalog in MS Word


    From Catalog Management Window, select catalog from catalog browse pane and click Publish Word Catalog button or click Menu - (CatalogMaker - Publish Catalog in MS Word Document Format). Upon clicking, a new window for Publishing MS Word Catalog  will open (with the option to user again to reconfigure catalog design settings if required with the similar design setting options / features of  Design Setting Window for MS Word Catalog).

    Once user has re verified design settings, click Ok to publish it in MS Word.


  • Configuration of Catalog Design (Colors / Font / Background Graphic), After publishing Catalog in MS Word:

    User can conveniently use MS Word editor to configure catalog's design setting. User will require to use simple MS Word formatting tool or for uniform application, can use:

    • Style and Formatting Tools in MS Word (MS Word - Menu - Format - Styles and Formatting)

    • Theme Tools in MS Word (MS Word - Menu - Format - Themes)

    • Edit Word Catalog document's header / footer with MS Word editor to suit its catalog.

    User can manually insert its custom content in such MS Word document and explore the power of MS Word to suit its catalog design / contents / theme, for enterprise identity and objective.

  • Now User can Print MS Word Catalog through printer or PDF printer for PDF catalog Making.

    • Once the catalog is finalized in MS Word document, User can then conveniently print it with any PDF creator / printer software. To print, once such printer is installed, it adds to available printer list. From MS Word document, click Print - Select such PDF printer and click for printing. You may require to configure such PDF Creator / Printer Software for default path, handling of graphic files etc as well.

    • There are many freeware and shareware PDF creators. User may download PDF Creator (freeware) from download area of our web We are not associate to any of such PDF creator software and our suggestion for PDF creator is purely suggestive in nature, and is subject to licensing policy of any such third party software.

    • Should you require any assistance, please contact us at and/or support desk of your PDF Creator Software Vendor / Publisher.


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