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Installation Issues of Catalog Maker Software

Congratulations on downloading Vevo! CatalogMaker program or obtaining the CD on demand for the product.

The application can be run on Win 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003 OS. Since the application requires MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Objects) 2.8 version to run, please check and install MDAC 2.8 prior to installation of CatalogMaker. (You may obtain MDAC 2.8 version from Microsoft site or from Download Area of CatalogMaker Software

To build catalog presentations in MS Word, MS Excel and/or MS PowerPoint requires relevant installation of MS Office products (version XP or above) on the system. These programs are subject to licensing policy of the respective programs.

The application has three editions:

  • Freeware Edition - Full feature product for unlimited period (does not expires) with limitation of 200 products
  • Try and Buy Edition - Full feature 30 days trial with unlimited products
  • Enterprise Edition - Full feature product without any restriction

How to Install Vevo! CatalogMaker

  • Step I - Click program executable file (CatalogMaker.exe or Vevo!CatalogMaker.msi depending upon built) and follow the installation process. Upon completion of installation process, your system may require to restart.
  • Step II - start the application from desktop shortcut or start / program files / Vevo! CatalogMaker

Step III - register the product from the registration window of the application (menu - utilities - registration) for the edition you may opt. (in the event, you have downloaded specially built Try and Buy edition, then you need not register the product for trial mode. The installation process, will itself register for trial period)

Freeware  and Try&Buy Edition does not require serial key for the registration process.


How to Buy Vevo! CatalogMaker

  • User can buy online through our site, our principal site and from our affiliate partner's site.
  • If User has Try & Buy special build installation - the application facilitates buying online from within the application itself.
  • Upon completion of buying process, you will get registration serial key- using which the application can be registered for enterprise edition.


Customer Support - Should there be any difficulty in downloading, installing, running and/or registering the product, please contact our customer support.



Ready to take the next step? For an introduction to some of Vevo! CatalogMaker 's basic functions, please read the Vevo! CatalogMaker  Getting Started  guide.

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