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Getting Started With Vevo! CatalogMaker

Ready to get started? This guide will introduce you to some of Vevo! CatalogMaker basic functions. When you're finished, you'll have built your digital catalog and ready for effective digital marketing with sales campaign & sales presentation creation.

Running CatalogMaker First Time

If you are running the CatalogMaker first time after installation, upon start- the program asks the user for path of  existing database (for existing users, for restoration of back up data) and files.

First time user may opt for program to auto configure necessary path, by clicking Yes.

Upon login Window, there are two modes:

Secured mode- In this mode, user is allowed to add, edit, delete the data of program. The default user name is admin and password is admin. User may modify the password from the program (Menu-Utilities-Change Password)

Guest mode- In this mode, user may view  catalog and create catalog; but can not insert new catalog products, edit catalog product contents or delete catalog products. So first time user, must login using secured mode.

Follow the steps below for quick start:


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