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Catalog Content Management: Flexible, Power & Easy

Program facilitates easy handling of catalog product content building (available in Product Show Case Window and in Search Window)- Available in Secured Access Only

Catalog Contents

Program has very flexible and powerful content building process to suit competitive business needs.

  • its name (title), code (SKU), pricing info, short description (sale pitch) and detailed description

  • replace catalog product's graphic

  • product weight, dimension related information

  • customized fields (industry specific and user defined data)

  • dimension (CBM/CBF) computation

  • Web links for web catalog integration

    User may review configuration setting for catalog product's name, code; graphic settings, display captions for contents (so as to facilitate customized caption for  contents  to suit business needs) and security setting.


  • From the thumbnail pane of Program (Product Show Case window or search window),  select specific catalog product from thumbnail view.

  • Click  Content  Button  or

     edit command from Menu (Menu- Catalog Product- Edit Catalog Product details).

     Upon such an action, the program will open content window for specific catalog product.


  • From main pane in this window - user can

    • edit Code (SKU) and Name (title) - both compulsory inputs

    • de active catalog products (deactivation will exclude such catalog products from new presentations; However for old presentations, such deactivations will not be applicable) by un checking catalog product active flag

    • weight details (select weight unit / UOM from drop down list and fill product weight data)

    • price details, shipping details

    • product dimension details

    • brief description (usually sale pitch)- max content not exceeding 200 characters

    • User defined details (click for custom field setting and content caption details setting )

  • User may input detailed description of catalog product through description pane (supports rich text format contents including tabular data).

User can plan it catalog along with its web catalog integration, by building the content :

  • User can provide catalog product detail page URL, which will be used (depending upon catalog configurations) to drive customers / prospects to visit your web site

  • User can build eCommerce possibility, by providing Order Page URL. Upon clicking such link in catalog, Catalog visitor can be facilitated to buy online.

With the language configuration setting, user can customize catalog content's captions as well.


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