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Building Contents for Business Catalog Presentation

It's important to give some thought to your catalog business's basic business structure before actually building your catalog contents and sales driven effective presentations. 

Essentially, you must focus on the following contents:

  • Business Profile  to be provided in catalog presentations

  • Manage Catalog Products : This is heart of your entire presentation and contents will essentially include thumbnail view, full sized image views, industry driven contents and special graphic options etc.

  • Details / Contents  on your catalog items, web URL links to web catalog

  • Customized content captions, link to online order page

To manage effective contents of your catalog products, follow the followings:

Program  Configuration to suit Business
Business Info Management
Manage Categories and Sub Categories
How to quickly Insert Products into Product Show case
How to View and Manage Products through Thumbnail Pane (including larger viewing, editing, content viewing and deletion)
Manage Catalog Product Contents and additional graphics in line with  business practices &  campaign.


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