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How to Make Powerful Mini Catalog ?


An enterprise frequently requires mini catalog with specific focus on its customers, sales network, distributors, sales campaigns, sales presentations and trade shows (in addition to entire catalog publishing). With the help of  catalog making software, enterprise can conveniently make power mini catalog with specific pricings for mini catalog purpose  and digitally distribute amongst its customers, web site visitors, sales team, sales network and distributors. Using CatalogMaker, user can also build printed mini catalog  in MS Word document and PDF format.

To make mini catalog :

  • Identify specific catalog products for inclusion in mini catalog through selection basket (or user may select products from different criterion as well from new catalog wizard).
  • from the Product Show case Window, Search Window, Full Scale Window- user can build new catalog by clicking  :

    Click New Catalog Button  from Catalog Product Show Case Window or Search Window OR

    Click New Button from Catalog Management Window OR

    OR from Menu - Click CatalogMaker - New Catalog

    Upon clicking any of the above, program will open new catalog making wizard

  • From New Catalog Wizard:

    Step I - Fill catalog name / email id / brief notes (optional) and click next

    Step II - From catalog product selection pane in the wizard, select the option of mini catalog with relevant catalog products option (e.g. selection basket products, new announcement products, specialty products, hot picks, specific catalog collection group driven products etc)  . and now add them to catalog product list through the steps explained in the pane.

    Click finish to complete new catalog creation

  •  Now user may click to configure design setting for its MS word Catalog and/or to configure design setting for PowerPoint Album. MS Excel driven Catalog does not require any design setting.

  • User can build custom prices for each catalog (default prices are picked up from product showcase), by selecting catalog product from thumbnail pane of Catalog Management Window and then clicking update price button. 

  • User may then publish the mini catalog in MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and/or Slideshow Album.



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