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Add New Products in Catalog in Few Clicks


Program facilitates insertion of new catalog products into product show case. User provides quick graphic view of new catalog products, selection and insertion into catalog

  • Review configuration setting for new catalog products (optional). The configuration setting is very important for new catalog product insertion, as

    • the catalog product's name (title) and code (SKU) can be configured for each category / sub category

    • Graphic quality, size and type related options can be configured

  • Click   from quick bar or  Menu - Catalog Items- Insert New Catalog Products


  • Upon clicking the following window will open

    catalog products, thumbnails, graphic formats, vevo! esales, category driven catalog products

In the above window, follow the steps below:

Step I   Browse the Folders to view product's graphics for selection

Step II   Select the Category / Sub Category, in which selected items are to be added

Step III   Preview and Select the new catalog products from the thumbnail / list view

  • Viewer Setting : User may preview the graphic files as thumbnails or simple list (faster mode). Thumbnail Preview Mode is recommended if, user intends to add selected items from browsed folder.
    List view quickly delivers all graphic files list for selected browsed folder, for user to quickly select and add.


  • Graphic Filter: User may select the graphic files types (currently supported format are: PSD, Gif, Jpeg, BMP, Tiff, Png) by selecting graphic filters.

  • Auto Browse Lock: Clicking folder in browse panel, auto fills the thumbnail view / list view. User may lock such filling operation by checking Auto Browse Lock.

  • Preview Browsing: The Program loads the thumbnails in batch (per configuration setting) and user may navigate using [Back]/[Next] Buttons or Slider.

  • How to Select: User may manually select the new insertion products by checking (yes) respective thumbnail or list data. If user can select / deselect entire data in a folder or in preview pane, by selecting / deselecting  selection check box ("select all in folder" or "select all in current page ")


Step IV  Click the Button- " Insert into Catalog''

This process may take some time, depending upon the number of images, graphic configuration, your computer hardware configuration etc.

Once the new products are added to category / sub category, user can edit catalog product content (name, code, product details, description, pricing info etc)

User may repeat the above process for adding new catalog products.

If the category / sub category does not exist, user may create new category from category management window - by clicking Menu - File-  New Category or clicking from quick bar


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