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Publish Catalog in MS PowerPoint

Catalog making in MS PowerPoint can add tremendous power and features to provide tremendous flexibility in catalog making approach. Catalog design settings and theme can be configured at two stages:

Prior to Publishing Catalog in MS PowerPoint (i.e. PowerPoint Album)

After Publishing Catalog in MS PowerPoint (i.e. PowerPoint Album)

Once Catalog making process is done and MS PowerPoint document contains photo album / catalog / digital album, it can be suitably used for various purposes as well

  • Use for customer / event specific presentation

  • Providing quick view of your catalog items in your web (by providing its copy on your web, for web visitor to download and review at its ease)

  • Using it as digitally distributable catalog for sales campaign, releasing catalog supplement, emailing customer driven mini catalog to customers etc

How to configure Catalog Design Settings Configuration for MS PowerPoint Album

Publish Catalog in PowerPoint (Making PowerPoint Album)

From Catalog Management Window, select catalog from catalog browse pane and click Publish PowerPoint Album button or click Menu - (CatalogMaker - Publish Catalog in MS PowerPoint Document Format). Upon clicking, a new window for Publishing MS PowerPoint Catalog Presentation will open, (with the option to user again to reconfigure catalog design settings if required with the similar design setting options / features of  Design Setting Window for MS PowerPoint Catalog).

Once user has re verified design settings, click Ok to publish it in MS PowerPoint.

Configuration of Catalog Design (Colors / Font / Background Graphic / Animation / Theme etc), After publishing Catalog in MS PowerPoint:

User can conveniently use MS PowerPoint  to configure catalog's design setting. User will require to use MS PowerPoint slide design  formatting tool or for uniform application, can use:

User can manually insert its custom content in such MS PowerPoint  Slide Presentation and explore the power of MS PowerPoint to suit its catalog design / contents / theme, for enterprise identity and objective.


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