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Catalog Product Show Case for Digital Cataloging

Vevo! CatalogMaker facilitates quick and powerful Product Show Case.


  • Main window of program facilitates powerful viewing of catalog items

    • Select category / sub category from Category Pane

    • upon selecting category / sub category, Thumbnail Pane is filled with catalog products for specific category / sub category.


    • Refer to thumbnail pane to learn features (for thumbnail navigation, product content editing / viewing, product deletion, preview of product large graphics)

    • Selected Catalog product's  details are displayed in catalog item content pane on the window for quick viewing. 

    •  Catalog Items  in thumbnail pane can be further processed  with  facility to:


      • View / Edit contents of selected catalog products and related graphics

      • View Full size graphic view by double clicking any thumbnail preview.

      • Delete Selected catalog products

      • Select catalog products through selection basket and build new catalog

      • Move Catalog product to another category / sub category

      (catalog product adding, deletion and modification  is restricted to secured access only)


  • User can view Product Show Case in large Scale thumbnail pane, by first selecting specific category / sub category from category browse pane and fill the thumbnail pane. Then to expand thumbnail pane area, can click Menu - Viewer - Full Scale Viewer. Upon clicking, following window will open:

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