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Build and Manage Business Catalog Presentations

Vevo! CatalogMaker is very handy product for presentation planning and design. Once, the catalog products contents are managed, program helps user in managing  the following complex process / decision points in very friendly and flexible manner without knowing programming / web designing.

  • Selection of products for specific purposes (e.g. event, customer / prospect, sales campaign etc) through Catalog Management, Product Show Case, Search, Selection Basket etc.

  • Presentation Catalog design, in terms of theme, color, display and features options (while building catalog and after publishing catalog)

  • Catalog features : Vevo! CatalogMaker facilitates business driven catalog presentation, with full view, powerful graphic viewing, presentation viewer's selection and response mechanism,  slide show presentation for special events like exhibition,  customer driven mini album making, Campaign specific catalog making for digital sales campaign and interactive Sales presentations etc.

  • Highly configurable products contents to suit business needs  and industry practices

  • User can manage entire presentations at button click without knowing any presentation related tools.

To Build and Manage Catalog effectively, follow the followings:


Presentation Catalog Management

How to Build / Manage Presentations (including managing products and presentation features)

Catalog Design Setting Wizard for MS Word Catalog / Printed Catalog / PDF Catalog

Catalog Design Setting Wizard for PowerPoint Album / Catalog

How to Make Catalog Supplements

How to Make Discount Catalog

How to Make Effective Mini Catalog for Specific Customer / Sales Campaign / Trade Show / Sales Network



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