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View samples of catalogs, eBrochures , sales presentations. printed catalogs created with Vevo! CatalogMaker
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Features Include
Easier Products & Contents Management
Powerful Catalog Management
Publish Catalog in MS Office Documents
Highly Customizable and Flexible
Create Printed Catalog in MS Word / PDF
Mini Catalog Maker
Highly Flexible Slide Show Builder
Catalog Specific Product Price / Discount
Ecommerce Enabled Catalog
Web Catalog Integration
Supports Non English Language Catalog
Special Focus for New / Hot / Specialty
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Reasons to Buy !!
Expensive Features at Budget Price
Powerful, Flexible and Easy to Work
Excellent Service and Support (24*7)
Multipurpose Software
Reduces Cost for Digital / Printed Catalog
Sales Enhancement
Supports Non English Language Catalog
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No Language Barrier
It doesn't matter what country you live in, you can create catalog, photo album, printed catalog, brochure in the language you want to, through language customization.
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Personal Photo Album
Use it to build highly professional personal photo albums (digitally distributable) in MS PowerPoint and MS Word Document. Great tool for collectors, digital photo publishers, individuals pursuing hobbies, insurance policy holders for assets listing, family album, personal event driven album etc

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Who Must Use It ?
Catalog Business Enterprise
Photography Professionals
Individuals for Personal Use
Insurance Policy Holders
Marketing Agencies / Professionals
Collectors (Hobby or Commercial)

Highly Useful Catalog Software for both Catalog Business Users and Personal Users

It is Multi Purpose Software
Digital Photo Album Software
Digital Catalog Software
Printed Catalog Software
Sales Presentation Maker Software
Discount Catalog Creator
Catalog Supplements Builder
Ecommerce Enabled Catalog Maker
Personal Photo Album Software
Mini Catalog Software
Slide Show Album Builder

Using Vevo! CatalogMaker, User can build catalog (multi purpose) for its catalog business (specimen list)
Textile Catalog
Apparel Catalog
Furniture Catalog
Jewelry Catalog
Arts and Craft Catalog
Antiques  and Collectible Catalog
Fashion Catalog
Lingerie Catalog
Shoes  Catalog
Carpet Catalog
Home Furnishing  Catalog
Electronics Catalog
Ceramic Products  Catalog
Gifts & Novelties Catalog
Leather Products Catalog
Photography Catalog
Stone & Marble Products  Catalog
Woolen Products Catalog


CatalogMaker Features


Vevo! CatalogMaker facilitates Do-It-Yourself Catalog Making and printed catalog making, published in MS Office document format (Excel, PowerPoint and Word).

CatalogMaker program is powerful, easy to use and feature rich catalog creation software. Unlike most catalog maker software, it blends the power of MS Office for template, design settings through templates and publishing. Since most users are familiar with MS Office, It becomes easier to build and manage the catalogs.

  • Category driven catalog content building for easier navigation and searching

  • Configurable product content building to suit industry practices and enterprise plans

  • Product pricings can be built with discount as well (optional separate pricing and discount for each catalog)

  • Product Contents include - Name / Title, Code / SKU, Brief Description, Weight, Dimensions, Volume, Detailed Content (supports user defined format data including tables etc), user defined content fields, Special tags (New releases, Hot Picks, Specialty Products, Special Offer Products), Product Description with Rich Text (including Tabular Presentation) Supported

  • Power navigation through categorized catalog and additional links for Hot Products , NEW Products, Specialty Products  and Special Offer Products

  • Language customization to build catalog in non English language

  • Web integration - from catalog, visitor can be sent to product page on web for more details

  • Ecommerce enabled catalog presentation, through BUY NOW link

  • Easier catalog graphic insertion with support to most popularly graphic file formats (jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff, png and psd). Enhanced graphic support for transparent gif files for products

  • Easier management of categorized catalog products and their sequence etc

  • Printed catalog maker in MS Word

  • PDF Catalog Making

  • Sales Presentation maker

  • Powerful Slide show presentation maker with user driven advanced features for zooming, thumbnail view, background color setting, slide show speed setting etc

  • Customize Catalog / Brochure Design Settings through product itself (along with MS Office document template) and upon publishing, user can edit its electronic catalog through respective MS Office document itself.

  • Easier Catalog Management for republishing, editing, inclusion / exclusion of catalog products, design settings, product selection etc.

  • Build Mini Catalog for specific customer, trade fair, sales call, campaign and/or specific event

  • Build Catalog Supplements for Distribution Channels / Sales Team / Clients

  • Make Discount Catalogs for sales campaigns and /or updates to Sales Team

  • Powerful Digital Cataloging with power thumbnail viewer, content viewer, selection basket and catalog search

  • Multimedia eCatalog Brochure in PowerPoint with product thumbnail view, catalog index, PowerPoint Settings (animation, color, design, slide show, sound, transition effects)

  • Digital Sales Presentation in MS Excel with thumbnail viewer, full sized graphics and customer / prospect response sheet for quick response

  • Electronic Catalog in MS Word (can be printed and /or converted into PDF Catalog) with catalog index (navigation), thumbnail view, product full view, customer response sheet.

  • Highly configurable for publishing features and contents selection for specific catalog


How to create your catalog
Insert Catalog Products and Build Contents
Insert catalog products / graphics in respective categories through quick wizard.  User then, can build contents of catalog products through product showcase. Content Building is highly configurable and flexible to suit business practices, industry, enterprise preferences and/or personal needs.

Configuration settings can be used to configure language, graphic settings, contents and program settings.
Select Products & Publishing Preferences
User can build catalog for selected products, discount catalog, catalog updates, customer /event / campaign specific mini catalog or entire catalog. User can then, using catalog management window can configure design settings, publishing preferences, content selections for selected catalog. User can also, configure catalog design settings through MS Office document templates.
Generate / Publish Distributable Catalog
Once catalog products are selected and publishing preferences are configured, User can publish them in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or Slide Show Album. 

Such published catalogs are available for print media and /or digital media for distribution. Catalog prepared in MS Word document can be printed as printed catalog or can be converted into PDF catalog.
Manage It for Future Updates
Published catalog can be further edited for design / content through respective MS Office program. Catalog can also be further modified (for contents / designs / products) for future purposes and are available for republishing through catalog management window. 
And that�s it. How easy is that?

Vevo! CatalogMaker blends the power of MS Office documents for flexible catalog making, printed catalog making, digital catalog, electronic catalog creation and sales presentation making. Do-IT-Yourself Cataloging is made much easier, powerful, flexible and highly configurable to suit both catalog business and personal users.
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Who Must Use CatalogMaker

Whether you are a exporter, show room, sales team, a distributor, or wholesaler, you can enhance the sales lead generation and conversion thereof, through all your sales channels with the Do-It-Yourself Catalog Maker Software- Vevo! CatalogMaker. If your business requires to frequently provide the product details (incl. graphics) of your merchandise to your dealer, distributor, customer or prospect; then also this Sales Enhancement Software, can be of immense use to save resources and convert your sales opportunities to revenue.

Vevo! CatalogMaker (catalog maker, printed catalog creator, digital catalog and digital marketing Software) is an ideal tool for an enterprise to - manage catalog products contents, build interactive & distributable presentations, plan & prepare for customer sale meetings & presentations and  publish printed catalog for effective management of catalog business (e.g. textile catalog, furniture catalog, craft catalog, jewelry catalog, apparel catalog, leather bags catalog, ceramic catalog, home furnishing catalog, fashion catalog, cosmetic catalog, industrial machinery catalog, coins catalog, collectors catalog, antique catalog, handicraft catalog, diamond jewelry catalog, carpet catalog, marbles and granite catalog, stone catalog, lingerie catalog, designer's collection catalog, writing instruments catalog, toys catalog, gifts catalog, health & lifestyle products catalog, kitchen & house wares catalog, stationery catalogs, electronic goods catalog etc).

CatalogMaker is an effective photo album software to create personal photo albums (e.g. birthday album, marriage anniversary album, wedding album, holiday album, personal photo album, graphic album etc), collector's album (coin collection album, stamps collection album, antique collection album, art collection album, fashion collection album, craft album, digital photo collection album etc) and publish them as digitally distributable multimedia CD photo album, exhibition presentation, printed album, electronic album etc.


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